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It can be a noisy social world out there. It's time for you to stop wading in the shallow waters and go deep with your message. Because only you have that special calling that you can share with the world.

We help female coaches, creators, bloggers, and influencers grow emotional connections with their audience via the world's most powerful medium - books.


Transforming your blank page into a bestselling book.

Book Coaching

Whether you're just getting started or have finished your complete manuscript, we're here to coach you through all the difficult hurdles that may arise. We offer coaching in: creating your book outline, crafting your unique message, transforming readers into clients, self-publishing questions, etc.

Proofreading + Editing

Our editing staff is the perfect second set of eyes for your book: sharp and detail-oriented. The proofreading process includes correcting surface errors, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes. Editing includes making changes and suggestions that will improve the overall quality of your writing, particularly in relation to language use and expression.

Manuscript Writing

Do you know that your brand will benefit from a book, but you're feeling completely intimidated with the actual writing part of it all? Let us handle your entire manuscript writing via our proven interview-to-ghostwriting method. We interview you over the phone, then use those interviews to write your book. It's similar to ghostwriting, but we use all of your ideas, your words, your voice.

SIGNATURE PROGRAM: Our Highly-Coveted Group Book Collaboration

Introducing The Best Seller Collective, a collaborative book project that involves one book with multiple contributing authors, all who will collectively benefit from leveraged worldwide exposure and Amazon Best Seller status. We do the legwork of putting all the pieces together while all you have to do is join in!



"I'm so grateful. I couldn't have done it without Soulfluential!

"Before I started working with Jessica and Soulfluential, I felt stuck. I had a book vision and had even started writing, but I didn't get very far! We were able to work together to complete my manuscript and now I'm only weeks away from publishing. I'm so grateful. I couldn't have done it without Soulfluential!"

Stacy D.

I can’t recommend using Soulfluential Publishing enough!

"Jessica and Soulfluential have been nothing short of amazing. There was great communication and plenty of updates, keeping us informed of where we were and what was coming next. She gave us plenty of time and heads up for deadlines and was quick to respond to any questions. The entire process was seamless and enjoyable because of the hard work she put in on her end! I can’t recommend using Soulfluential Publishing enough! Don’t wait!"

Rachel A.

Within six months I became a bestselling author.

"Prior to working with Jessica and Soulfluential, I had a bunch of words on paper I didn't have a clue as to how I was going to put those in a book. She made it so simple and so effortless, I have to say I was amazed. I did my part and within less than six months I was a published bestselling author. I’m now looking forward to writing my second book the experience was exciting. I can't wait to work with her again."

Sharon F.


For females, by females.

We offer the unique feminine angle to your book project that only your fellow female can provide.

We're soul-focused.

We understand that it's more than a book - it's your heart and soul poured into the pages. We're fiercely devoted to your creation and stand behind you and your story.  

You keep all of your book royalties.

You earned them, girl. Instead of taking a large portion of your royalties for life (like an old school publishing house), our services work on a front end flat-fee model, so that 100% of your book profits stay with you.


I’m Jessica DeBry.

MBA-grad and corporate digital marketing extraordinaire turned entrepreneur. Over the past five years I’ve founded multiple profitable online and e-commerce businesses.  

But my most proud accomplishment is writing and publishing She Creates the Way, a #1 Amazon Bestselling book. Now, with Soulfluential Publishing, I’m on a mission to help YOU get your book out into the world.

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