3 Reasons Your Business NEEDS a Book

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Yesterday was a DAY if you know what I mean...

After waking up with a super-rare case of the Mondays, I proceeded to stub my pinky toe on the same devilish sharp corner of the coffee table for the 13th time.

My cat left me a pukey present in my right slipper.

Baby Gavin was on a nap strike.

I recorded a 10-minute video for a client before realizing that I never actually hit record.

At 5:17pm, I was just about to close up my laptop and already thinking about the unopened bottle of Malbec on the counter. I took a deep breath and attempted to exhale the day away.

Then I heard one last DING come through my inbox from an email address that I didn’t recognize…

Hi Jessica,

I read your chapter in the Diamond Mind book and it really resonated with me. I’m wondering if you’d be interested/available to speak for our attendees in a virtual event I’m producing. Can we schedule a chat?

I smiled. Suddenly my case-of-the-Mondays was magically cured.

THIS is the power of books.

Books create magical fairy dust that works behind-the-scenes of your business, bringing others into your sphere:

  • new clients
  • more email subscribers
  • possible partners
  • and more

I tell all the coaches and entrepreneurs I chat with: you NEED a book.

It doesn’t matter if you go the solo book route OR join in on a collaborative book project, a book cements the great work you already do and expands your reach worldwide.

There are three reasons why your business needs a book:


Imagine the monumental level of confidence you’ll have once you have your book in your hand and you’ve added author to your bio.

By stepping up and following through with your book dreams, you not only prove to yourself that you can do it, but you show your tribe your courage and capabilities.


Have you ever felt like your business is getting lost in a sea of saturation? If the answer is yes, it’s time to pivot and do something that sets you apart from others in your field.

This is where a book can shine. Because while millions WANT to become an author, sadly, over 92% WON’T ever reach that goal. That leaves less than 8% - future authors like YOU - to step up, fill that gap, and become the powerhouse business owner (and bestselling author!) that you are.


It’s simple math: more eyeballs on your business = more conversions = more sales. Increase your conversions with a book that drives traffic by funneling in warm leads from your readers.

I tell all the women that I work with that the best way to maximize conversions in your book is by having a dedicated website or link and include a call to action in both the beginning and end of the book.

Give yourself and your business the gift of confidence, credibility, and conversions.

You deserve it and your business will thank you!

Write your story.📚 Change the world.✨

Jessica DeBry
Author + Founder
Soulfluential Publishing

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